Forensic Animation

Seek and Illustrate the Truth

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Our computer animations are based on the forensic analysis of your experts, allowing us to create animations that have visual impact and will stand up to the rigorous challenges of opposing counsel.

Educate the Jury and Opposing Counsel


Watching an animation of an incident can go a long way to educate the jury as to HOW it happened. Studies show that people recall 60-85% of the visual information, yet recall only 15-20% of the written. We have two decades of experience educating juries, opposing counsel and mediators so they can truly understand the real CAUSE of the incident.

Forensic Animation Video

This was an interesting project for us that involved 3D laser scanning of the scene and building accurate computer models of the street, the truck, and the car. Then, we animated the event to match witness and expert testimony

Animations and Videos

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See how a dangerous premises condition is analyzed and displayed in a clear, convincing manner for a mediation presentation. Premises liability cases are excellent prospects for computer animation because the case facts and expert conclusions lend themselves to visual representation. As we often say, “show, don’t tell” the facts to the jury or mediator.

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A pedestrian is fatally struck, in a crosswalk, by a commercial vehicle going 35 in a 40 mph zone. In this case, we used onboard video, laser scanning of the scene and vehicle, our drone photographs and worked with a police report which concluded that the pedestrian was at fault. But why was this person even hit? The truck driver had more than 225 feet and at least five seconds to stop. We presented several “what if” visual calculations demonstrating that the driver had time to avoid the accident. Was the truck operator, unfortunately, not paying attention?

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This animation combines Google Earth Pro, laser scanning, expert metallurgist and medical opinions, and a detailed, visual representation of injuries. It helps to visualize how an accident happened and the resulting injuries.

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