Eminent Domain

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The landowner claims his rolling lot is the “Garden of Eden”. You think it is a “Barren Wasteland”. But what will the jury think? If the jury does not understand the facts of the case clearly, they may “split the baby” costing your clients millions. By creating an accurate 3D model of the land you can not only show the jury what the land looks like but – as a photograph could never do – you can show slopes, drainage, low points, “cut and fill” challenges, access issues, etc. in a compelling and accurate presentation

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Educate the Jury

Eminent Domain is one of the most important areas of law, requiring an educated jury. But it is typically not well known by jury members. Use 3D animation to educate the jury about the facts of your case. Whether it is reverse condemnation, or a land value differences from competing appraisers, allowing the jury, opposing counsel, or mediator to visualize the facts of your case gives you the advantage you need to succeed in the courtroom.

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Before and After

One of the most powerful tools we offer is the ability for the jury to see the future effects of a project. Our suite of 3D laser scanning, laser based photogrammetry, and 3D modeling brings the future into the courtroom today. Whether it’s to show that the project will have no effect on the neighbor’s view of the waterfront, or that the project will prevent customers from seeing your building from the road, our team can visually illustrate the true after condition.

Animations and Videos

ED samples thumbnail

Several Eminent Domain and Real Estate project samples are shown.

Hill valuation thumbnail

A landowner presented a valuation based on comparable development projects for this land. It might have seemed okay on charts and topographical maps, but the land had slope issues that made development very expensive and restrictive. The final valuation was much less of a process, greatly aided by computer modeling.

Power Line Easement thumbnail

A landowner wanted to allow access only directly below a proposed PG&E power line. We had to show the slope issues involved. In fact, the slope is shown visually to be greater than Nob Hill in San Francisco.

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