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3D Models from 2D Photographs


What is it? Laser-based photogrammetry allows us to recreate an incident scene in 3D from 2D photos. By using the most advanced laser scanners on the market, along with our mathematical algorithms, we can recreate the precise location of skid marks, vehicle locations, blood stains and other physical scene markers, even if these items have long been destroyed.

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Scene Measurements Wrong?

Police measurements seem wrong but the scene has long been cleared. We can use our laser based photogrammetry to recreate the scene accurately so you will know that your expert’s opinions are based upon a solid foundation, not bad measurements

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A Project: One Picture and a Video

We had a tough challenge. A media van parked under power wires had raised its antenna and contacted the power lines. One scene picture and a video were all we had for our work. The van operator claimed she twice checked the antenna during its ascent. What was actually available to be seen? Photogrammetry, laser scanning and 3D modeling enabled us to recreate the scene – forensically and accurately – without the need to physically reenact the event

Here’s a high speed wrap of the work we did in the case and the presentation

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