Forensic Video

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Most Advanced Equipment


We use the most powerful, sophisticated, 5K digital cameras on the market, along with state-of-the-art image photometers, to measure and capture the TRUE lighting conditions at the scene. End result? A forensically accurate courtroom video/animation that shows true visibility.

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It Was Dark

Nighttime video analysis allows us to work with your experts to recreate the TRUE lighting conditions of your nighttime accident. If it involves pedestrians, vehicles, or both, we have the tools, skills, and experience to accurately recreate the nighttime accident, so the jury can truly understand what happened, in the light of day.

100% Admissibility

We fully understand every step needed to make an animation or video meet the standard of admission into the courtroom. Our 100% admissibility record over 17 years speaks volumes.

Nighttime Video Recreation – We employ forensic video to recreate the scene for lighting, vehicle speed, traffic and follow the accident reconstructionist’s expert opinion, and combine them into one seamless presentation.

Animations and Videos

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This was an 80 mph accident, where a truck pulled out in front of a car on Highway 101, in a 55 mph zone. We first mounted a camera inside an exemplary car, and then drove the scene at speed. Next, we laser scanned the scene, car, and truck. The scans were used to create an animation over video. Having digital video and vehicle scans allow us to recreate “what if” scenarios at different speeds that are forensically accurate. Lastly, you’ll see the event at 65 and 80 mph with overlays for distance and time to impact. What if the driver was going 65 instead of 80? Yes, the truck pulled out in front of the car, but did the car’s excessive speed contribute to this fatal accident? The ability to visually show “what if” scenarios can be crucial in early mediations and settlements.

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This was an interesting case. The driver of a car slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer on a Florida freeway, traveling at freeway speeds, in the early morning. He claimed he could not see the truck. He speculated that “maybe it had no lights on” or “no reflective tape” and that it was “almost invisible”. We were called in and, as with many reconstructions, we presented “what was available to be seen”. This project spanned two states, had exemplary vehicles, a 5K high definition camera, and state-of-the-art photometers to fully and accurately present nighttime visibility conditions. The video is about 5 minutes long. You be the judge.

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In this project, we needed to safely show how a tractor-trailer pulling onto a darkened roadway at night would appear to an approaching big rig. Of course, we can’t crash two semis to recreate the accident. To accomplish our goals safely, we took night-time, HD, 5K video of the road, driving at speed through the accident location. We incorporated state-of-the-art photometers to capture the visibility as would be seen by the human eye, as accurately as possible. We then laser scanned the truck and created a forensically accurate animation. Furthermore, we needed to know what the animated truck looked like in the scene’s lighting conditions…. The animation was layered over the HD video, resulting in the project you see here.

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