Nashville, TN – 3D-Forensic, Inc. presented at the IRWA Education Conference in Nashville, TN on (insert dates).

Jason Fries, the CEO of 3D-Forensic, Inc. spoke on two topics; “Cutting-Edge Technology for Eminent Domain Trials” and “Innovative Technology – Visualization Techniques for Eminent Domain Cases”.

“Cutting-Edge Technology for Eminent Domain Trials” focused on the leading technology being used to get your audience to understand your case as you see it. One of the biggest challenges, as an expert, in an Eminent Domain case is effectively communicating your case facts to the jury so they see the facts as you do.

The three key challenges in presenting your eminent case to a jury are:

  1. Getting your audience to understand your complex analysis with little or no technical background.
  2. Getting the jury to believe your analysis over the equally qualified opposing counsel’s analysis that contradicts your own.
  3. Convincing the jury that “splitting the baby” is not the true value.

Eminent domain cases are often very technical and complex. They also rely on an ability to visualize what will go into current space—be it an empty lot into rail station or retail complex or farmland into a highway expansion. It is challenging to get jurors and/or judges to visualize the same picture in their minds of the finished project. Using technology to paint the picture ensures that everyone in the courtroom or the mediation is seeing the same facts and enabling them to more easily understand the technical aspects of your analysis.

“Innovative Technology – Visualization Techniques for Eminent Domain Cases”, concentrated on specific visualization techniques that help make your case stand out, such as:

  1. Use of “Before and After” visuals -How to demonstrate the true effect of a project so the jury can make an intelligent decision based on facts, not fear.
  2. Animation over video – illustrates what the future will look like when the project is completed as you drive by the site.
  3.  Illustrating comp analysis – How creating a visual comp analysis will not only cause the jury to pay attention during the most important expert testimony but have a vastly superior understanding of your expert’s final opinions.
  4. Drones- How using drones to capture current aerials of the project area allow you to create an effective presentation that the jury will want to watch.

When you integrate technology into Right of Way, you create the possibility to promote early and cost-effective resolutions. This type of preparation can give you an upper hand in customizing each phase of your acquisition ensuring you have public support, precondemnation planning, negotiations with owners, and preparedness for litigation.


To read more about this technology, go to or connect with us directly for a personal case review.

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