I was pleased to be part of a stellar group recently published in the Consumer Attorneys of California, Forum Magazine. We discussed early mediation techniques, presentations and analysis from a variety of perspectives. As the panel strongly suggested in the article:
“In preparing a wrongful death case for early mediation, there is no substitute for presenting a fully worked up case”
 CAOC article
In this actual, real-world case, a truck driver going 35 mph in a 40 mph zone hit a pedestrian moving quickly in a crosswalk who may or may not have looked for oncoming vehicles. The police report concluded the pedestrian was completely at fault.


But what appeared at the outset to be fairly straight-forward was portrayed in a more complete light with a complete case analysis and presentation; including “what if” computer animations. Or, as attorney Barry Bostick explains, “The expert’s presentation can be significantly enhanced using the type of animated scenarios described (in the article)”. Click to read the article using 3D-Forensic computer animation.

You can also locate the article on the C.A.O.C.’s website: https://www.caoc.org/index.cfm?pg=ArtIndex15